Business Zone

Business Zone

Our purpose in designing the zone was to promote the interests of development-oriented businesses and their ideas. We have been shaping it into a functional-, quality-, technological- and knowledge-based environment. Our clearly defined strategy and vision enable us to generate opportunities for a sustainable development of businesses and the region while the resulting new jobs create positive synergies with the local environment.

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Being one of the largest commercial zones in Slovenia, we are building our reputation on diversity, sound organisation and management, sophisticated design, flexibility, expertise and openness. We offer our customers superior quality, professional service and efficient and effective planning of the development of the zone in the interests of all stakeholders. PC Komenda has a clearly defined development strategy, which is of key importance for the future of the region as well as the local environment and its hinterland.

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In the autumn of 2006 we have begun to market lots on an area of 750,000 m2. They are offered at competitive prices to all market-, development- and ecology oriented businesses.