Company Overview

Company Overview

Poslovna cona Komenda d.o.o. (PC Komenda) is a newly established company whose core business involves the development, management and marketing of real estate in the Komenda Business Zone including building and construction as well as property sales and lease management in the estate.

In 2005 the Komenda local authority (Community of Komenda) founded a joint venture that would initially handle the sales and marketing of lots in the estate, and subsequently ensure efficient operation and management of the zone.  The Community of Komenda is in charge of the zone development and its investment in the form of real estate gives it an 80-percent share in the business.


The core mission of PC Komenda includes selling the lots (complete with utility connections), developing and filling the zone to capacity, and professional operation and management of the zone. It shall also furnish all applicable town planning and architectural design drawings, geological and geomechanical surveys, and obtain project documentation and building permits as well as provide the relevant legal, financial and communications plans. On selected lots the company will undertake construction of premises designated for different purposes and offer them for lease to potential tenants. It will also look after investor needs and the needs of their employees in the business centre. Furthermore, it will ensure that the zone will feature complementary catering and other service-oriented businesses as well as leisure activities for the purposes of the zone and the local population.  

Matic Romšak, General Manager