Company Overview /  Business Activities

Business Activities

The core business activity of PC Komenda is the selling of real estate to economic entities and corporations involved in the development of businesses characterised by high value added, and which as such will ensure the economic prosperity and sustainable development of the Community of Komenda and the wider area. Due to the flexibility of the zone’s design and layout, corporations will be able to acquire extensive premises at a single location.

Investors can rest assured that PC Komenda shall provide professional management and comprehensive support required for the successful operation of businesses in the zone. That way it will enable its customers to create value added by means of quality, associated services and prices.

The objective of PC Komenda is to establish long-term partnerships with key customers and the creation of strong economic, technical and corporate ties between the users. The zone will result in an improved living standard of the people working in the zone as well as the environment in which it operates.

Business Activities:

  • Working together with the local authority on developing the planning scheme to the point of designating lots for individual types of business activities in the zone,
  • Development and further expansion of the business zone,
  • Marketing of company products and services in the business zone,
  • Provision of business consulting services.

Support Services Provided by the Company (Consulting and Agency Services):

  • Landscape maintenance (grass areas, parks, streets, footpaths),
  • Infrastructure maintenance,
  • Marketing services, IT services, accounting and other services,
  • Security services,
  • Construction of buildings and facilities, and related supervision,
  • Project engineering and engineering design.

(Proposed) Information Centre for Potential Investors:

The centre will provide information on –

  • infrastructure construction (water supply, drainage, electricity, gas),
  • telecommunication networks development,
  • hospitality and catering, accommodation,
  • postal services,
  • banking services,
  • shops and other trade and commerce related services,
  • recreational grounds and associated service providers.