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20. May 2011

Community of Komenda day creates a magnificent setting for the grand opening of Business Zone Komenda

The grand opening of Business Zone Komenda took place last Saturday, 14 May, as part of the celebrations designed to commemorate the annual Community of Komenda Day. Mayor Tomaž Drolec officially announced the completion of construction of the Zone’s state-of-the-art utility infrastructure by contractor Primorje and its subcontractors. Once Operating Permit has been issued, the Business Zone Komenda will provide investors complete support in order to speed up the construction of their business facilities, which will get underway next year. The Zone is expected to create over 10,000 jobs by 2014.

Accompanied by the mayors of the neighbouring municipalities of Ljubljana, Kamnik and Vodice, Komenda Mayor Tomaž Drolec acknowledged and thanked all those who had made the opening of the Zone possible, and stressed that the almost one million square metre Zone was a real asset to the Community. “Plans for the Zone were hatched on the inception of the Community of Komenda as a local authority in its own right, and were spurred on by an EU study published as part of the Phare programme, which in 2002 identified Komenda as one of the top three high-potential development locations in Slovenia. A legal basis for the realization of this potential was subsequently provided by the adoption of the spatial plan for Stage I in 2003, and Stage II in 2004. 18-hectare Stage I of the Zone was completed in 2005 and was immediately sold out. The development of the Planning Scheme for Stage II got underway in 2005. A year later, in 2006, we teamed up with an external partner and set up the joint venture PC Komenda, put things in place for the adoption of the Planning Scheme, and completed the necessary land consolidation and subdivision. It took three years for the Planning Scheme to be adopted and it wasn’t until 2009 that the building permit for the infrastructure construction was finally issued. It is very challenging to do business in a country where deadlines apply only to the applicants while bureaucrats can take as long as they please.” According to Mayor Drolec, this summer the Zone will be given the character of a new estate with its own road system where, as a tribute to the forested area in which it originated, all streets will be named after tree species: beeches, spruce firs, alder trees…

Spreading over 60 hectares, Business Zone Komenda features 7 km of asphalt roads, 14 km of asphalt footpaths, public lighting, stormwater drainage and sewerage, gas-, power- and water supply networks, and a telecommunications system. “All lots are now fully developed, which includes access to gas and water supply; all that is missing now is an adequate road link, which is the Zone’s only shortcoming,” added Mayor Drolec. In his address Dušan Črnigoj, Chairman of the Managing Board of Primorje d.d., said that “Construction in the Zone proved to be quite a challenge, however engineers at Primorje have successfully overcome all problems. As this is one of the biggest commercial zones in the country, I would particularly like to thank and congratulate the developer on a magnificent estate. May the Zone bring prosperity to its businesses and the people.” In his expression of best wishes he was joined by Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković, Mayor of Kamnik Marjan Šarec, and Member of the National Assembly Julijana Bizjak Mlakar. The ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the start of the 1st Sun Race, which featured a 600-metre run for children and a 3000-metre event for adults.

At present there are still a few fully developed lots available to interested investors; lot sizes range from 1,900 m2 to 40,000 m2. Priced at EUR 125 per square metre (exclusive of VAT), the land is a bargain and already includes the applicable building land development fees.

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